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I like to blog about all kinds of topics such as how to increase your visibility on the internet, on technical subjects, how to make money online with affiliate marketing and more.

A blog about taking your website to the next level, elevating your rankings, and growing smarter

When you want to increase your rankings for your website on Google, you can be up to a daunting task. You will find blog posts here to help you increase your rankings in the SERPs. For me, SEO is like a chess game, with loads of strategy involved. Check my blog out right here.

As an engineer, I don’t only write about how to increase your rankings in the SERPs. I love to write about technical stuff, whether it’s related to Linux, Windows, or networking equipment such as switches and routers. Security is also something I’m passionate about. Security becomes more vital each and every day.

When I’m not writing about SEO, or networking, I love to write about gadgets and other tech and non-tech topics. Examples are simple bookshelves for your desktop, camera reviews, Linux tutorials, Wireshark, desktop chairs, and so forth.

Basically, I write about anything on my blog that I find interesting and worth sharing with other people. So if you are interested in learning SEO, networking, and all other tech stuff I would suggest you keep an eye on this blog.

Happy reading and cheers!